Multi-User Dial-up Probs!!!!

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OK guys here is a question....

I built a system for my girl's family and they have 5 different users (XP-RC1), the problem is that they all have different emails, so I made each account with their own unique Hotmail accounts. Now only my girlfriends user profile allows her to log in successfully to their ISP. All other users try to log in to the ISp and it starts but never connects. I belive this maybe related to the shared folders. I am guessing some files of the ISP go to her folder and not to the other users therefore not allowing them to log in. They use netzero.....I know it sucks but they do not have ads so its ok I guess...The NZ interface starts and runs perfectly on her XP user account but when the others log in the NZ interface starts they hit the connect button and the interface disappears and never even connects. It seem that when they hit connect the program just ends.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I had this problem. I had to go into the individual accts and setup the dialup info...

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