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nelix was in Star Trek First contact ;)

he was the host on the hollodeck who asked the borg to leave (or something)

not to mention.. The doctor from voyager was in it too, of course, that obviously was a joke and intentional :p

"I'm a doctor, not a door stop!"

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Originally posted by DjmUK

Yeah I noticed that about the intro, I couldn't wait to see the intro with all the crews names. And I have to admit that I was surprised with singing and the advancements through time including Dr Cochrans ship 'The Phoenix' taking flight - then a smooth jump to the new Enterprise.

It was very well done and upbeat.

I have noticed this about the Enterprises:

- Enterprise NX-01 (Captain Archer)

- Enterprise 1701 (Captain Kirk)

- Enterprise 1701-A (Captain/Admiral Kirk)

- Enterprise 1701-B (Captain ????)

- Enterprise 1701-C (Captain [can't remember her name])

- Enterprise 1701-D (Captain Jean-Luc Picard)

- Enterprise 1701-E (Captain Jean-Luc Picard)

Doesn't it look confusing, I though the NX prefix was from the time after Kirk, then again I still don't understand why it's called NX-01 as this wasn't mentioned in any Star Trek Episodes when talking about the time line etc. This was the only thing I was slightly disappointed about (thinking it'll be something else) - but then again, it's a bluddey good film nevertheless :rambo:

Enterprise 1701-C Captain Rachel Garrett

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Enterprise 1701-C Captain Rachel Garrett - that's the one, I couldn't remember her name.

Another reusable actor is "Tora Ziyal" from DS9, she was also in a Voyager episode called "Drive", I recognised her voice but she looks completely different.

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