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Active Directory Warning

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sdibias    0

Well here is what happened.... (This is a test lab)

I have one domain with three sites, each site has a preferred bridge-head server for intersite replication.

Yesterday, I performed A back-up of the system state data (so far so good).

Today, an OU was deleted from one of the DCs.

By the time I got around to it replication had occurred.

I Restarted the DC in AD restore mode, performed a non-authoritative restore of the system state back-up I made yesterday.Then instead of restarting I opened the command prompt to perform an authoritative restore on the OU.

Here is what I did:


ntdsutil:authoritative restore

authoritative restore:restore subtree ou=temp,dc=dibias,dc=local

The response I got was not good......

Opening DIT database.....

could not initialize the jet engine: jet error -528

authoritative restore failed

The next time I rebooted it told me Directory Services could not start and to restart in AD restore mode.

So I did, the first thing I checked was event viewer.

Error 528 please contact Microsoft support services for assistance

Next I right clicked My computer and chose properties, only to find that the name of the Domain was *unknown* ?

I killed my Active Directory :(

Luckily I am in LAB mode :)


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sdibias    0

Ok, get this....... My domain name was dibias.local , but when I was doing the authoritative restore I actually typed dibias.com ! That's what screwed me, the dc=com.......

That's it folks, remember what you use be it com, net, local or whatever, this is what screwed my AD !

Comments, Suggestions ?


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