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Doom 3 Locker/Cabinet security codes.

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Yes this is a repost because I did the first post with no Doom 3 in the title and so I hope this one is clearer and gets some posts. Also if you know the locker number for something in my list post it I only used my PDA to extract the info for this post.

DOOM 3: Codes and codes request. :)

Martian Buddy Code = 0508 Gives you the Chain Gun

REQ: I am in Delta and I do not seem to have the codes fro Lockers 112 & 114.

Locker 112 is near the doctors PDA and that room of all windows and no door with cell ammo in it. I also cannot figure out how to get into that room. I tried moving a box over but I am now too high? 114 is in Admin I thin 115 is already open and 114 is locked but no code that I can find in my PDA or through computer terminals that are usable like the security office terminal with the code for locker 116. Well thanks in advanced for the the Info.

Here are all the locker codes I could get from the PDA. Listed in order of appearance the emails are Person-Location/Locker Number=Unlock Code and the Audio is Unlock Code=location/locker number-Person:


Grant Bastion - Cabinet in the Energy Stabilization Uni t= 531

Bill Tyson - Weapons Storage in Marine Command = 584

Alan Dorweiler - Door in this area = 586

Andrew Chin - Storage Cabinet #038 = 409

Walter Conners - Storage Cabinet #039 = 102

Michael Abrams - Personal Door Office in Delta Section = 931 In Delta at teh offices you can finally get the BFG

Henry Nelson - Storage Cabinet #064 = 651

Ben Wolf - communication Cabinet Code = 246

Nick Sadowaji - Cabinet by the Monorail Airlock in Sector 2 = 483

Gary Ross - Junction 5 Site 2 Airlock = 826

Charles Hollies - Site 2 Cabinet #054 = 142

Karl Cullen - Security Offfice Near Auto Turret Both Cabinets = 364

Francis Erikson - Locker 103 = 259


396 = Maintance Elevator Storage Cabinet - Adam Bernech

842 = Fire Code - Frank Delanhue

347 = Medlab Code - Mark Caseo

752 = EPD Cabinet - Kyle Berger

123 = All Cabinets in Alpha Sector 2 - Mark Lamia

979 = Cabinet #063 - Theresa Chaser Plasma Rifle

734 = Extra Storage Plasma EnPro - Steve Hammer

298 = Cabinet 21D- Robert Price

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um dude... you could of just asked a mod to change the title

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I did and told them to just del the old one too not done yet but am sure it will happen eventually.

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Computer Screen in Security - Locker 116 = 972

Frank Cinders - Locker 112 = 538

Still Need 114 in the Server Room if anyone has. I searched the Office just outside but found no PDA.

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:) hi for locker 114 the code is 713 or 714 tried all numbers started with lowest , lol

but as u see with success :-)

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The code for locker #114 is 715, its writen on a post it note stuck on the right hand side of the locker!

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