Getting a decent price on Office ... or components

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Just wondering if it's possible to obtain a decent price on Office (read: what it's worth for what I use it for - $600CDN for office 2k3 pro is way out of my league)

Also, without buying a new system ;)

I need to install Office on my uncle's computer and he doesn't have a copy available. He's already spent a bunch of money. I was thinking about letting him use OpenOffice, but thought I'd check around to see if there was a cheaper alternative in terms of pricing. He's going to be uisng this for business.

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Student / Teacher editions are about the only way to get it cheaper. Or buy a copy off someone else. If he's running a business, shouldn't he be able to afford his own copy?

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Ahh okay - thanks. It's probably not worth it then.

I didn't say he runs a business, I said he was going to use it for business =)

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