SP2, not what I had hoped for

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I had a problem with increased boot times (even on a clean install with SP2) but I found that defrag'ing sorted it out... just a suggestion.

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It's a joke.........

because much people have problems with XP Sp2.....

But i'am sure MS will release an update........

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hey guys, what if i have sp1 on my xp cd already... how would i have enough space to have sp2 in the cd...?

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sp2 updates the sp1 on your cd.....its not like a choice of having sp1 or sp2. if u slipstream sp2 u have only sp2.

and theres tons of space left after doing that.

P.S Use nlite!

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Mine works great, very happy with the results... :yes:

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it's slow because it frags the bejebus out of the drive. Mine was 49% fragmented after I installed SP2

post defrag and bootvis'ing, I was actually booting faster than with Sp1.

Wondered if anyone was going to say this. And people think they don't need to defrag anymore. I do, VERY regularily. Absolutely rediculous to have to do a fresh install just because of installing a service pack!! Of course that will speed up stuff. I've installed SP2 on 4 of my machines without doing a fresh install and EVERYTHING works great and just as fast as before. Amazing what happens when you defrag before and after.

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