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WinHangar Logo Contest Final Round


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WinHangar Logo Contest Final Round

Please see this thread for more information in regards to this competition.

Please choose from the logos below the logo that you think looks the best or just simply kicks ass. :D Voting will end for this thread on Wednesday at 12:00 midnight EST. If you wish to comment on any of the logos, please leave your comment in the logo development thread by clicking here.

For a full size view of these logos, please click here. Please don't vote until you see the full size logos for as the thumbnail below doesn't show the logos at their best quality.

The winner of the competition will be announced on Thursday in the logo development thread.

Good luck to the those in the final round! :)


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eh im 16 too, maybe i'll do a charity one, what ya want? spefications? company?

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mannn thanks :D i'll pm you it will take some time cuz im workin @ the rest of the site.. and want to see what color and size should the logo be :D

no company.. just my site :D ]

Thanks again!

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