College tuition and military kids

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My dad is in the US Navy and by the time we leave Turkey we'll of been here for almost over 6 years. We do not have an address in the states or any real property. I'm not sure if I will be able to get a waiver for out-of-state tuition for any universities because my and my dad's state residency I technically Michigan allthough we no longer reside state-side. Dad said he would change his residency to whichever that I went to college so we could pay in-state tuition but only if I go to an east-coast school, my family is pretty much east coast and my rents prefered me to stay east coast but I'm thinking of going to University of Washington (I really want to do an internship with Microsoft over in Redmon (~15 minutes from Seattle)) basically my question is... will most universities waive my out-of-state tuition since we've been overseas for so long and don't have an address in the states? Can anyone advise me?

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ask the universities you are interested in

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