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home network problem



i have a fairly outdated intel home network. it's the intel anypoint 1.6mbps usb. http://intel.com/anypoint/wireless_16.htm

this morning i woke up and got on the client pc to check my email. worked perfectly. went back to sleep. woke up, and when i got back the client pc could not connect to the internet at all. it drops about once a week and NORMALLY all i have to do is go over to the server pc and release/renew the server ip. however, when i sat down at the server pc there was an error involving Wnetupd or Wnetupdate .exe (i don't remeber). i sent the bug report and went on my way to fix the network. released/renewed and nada. client pc still can't connect. i try a bunch of other stuff that has worked in the past and still nothing.

so i hunt down the tech support number for the intel anypoint networks. i spent 3 hours on long distance with these guys trying to figure it out. for an hour and a half, we went through all the solutions in his book and in his realm of personal experience. the other hour and a half we spent brainstorming and trying obscure things that might fix it. nothing.

current situation:


- server computer is able to connect to the internet

- client pc can ping server pc no problem, and vice versa

- latest drivers installed

- fresh TCP/IP stack on both computers

- no firewalls

i have seen alot of stuff involving my network and fixed almost all of it. this is just puzzling to me. same with the guy. i consider myself to be pretty knowledgable in general with troubleshooting problems with all aspects of computers, and they 3 guys i talked to on the other end sounded like it too.

so all i wanna know is..... W T F ! ?

somebody PLZ help me


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i fixed the problem:)

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What is the solution? . I want to learn something! ;)

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