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The Pro version is very simple to setup... all you need is Yast and then install the KDE developer packages (in the drop down menu at the top of the Install Software window select Packages). I tried with the Personal version and you end up needing to download 400MB+... not nice.

It is such a shame that the personal version is so crippled that it is effectively unusable - at least Mandrake allows you to download 3 CD's for free and Fedora put the full 4.2GB DVD iso on their FTP. You can technically do an FTP install of SuSE and grab everything you need on-the-fly, but doing that each time you need to install it is very tedious.

SuSE is great and so customisable that it is a dream to look at... the only problem is I can't get ATi drivers that work with OpenGL so I gave up (after hosing my system 3 times). If only I had an nVidia card then I would still be using SuSE (nVidia drivers are much easier and can be installed via the online update).

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Xtreme $niper

Yeah, somehow I got the stuff working on Personal without a 400mb download... (dont even know where I would get that)

and I dont want to pay for a pro version..

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