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l have the following problem accessing this web site ( GRC.com )

When l try to download this site the message in the message tray says Opening Page, but it stays like this until it times out, l had the same problem with CNETDOWNLOAD.com but this is now OK.

When l click on Googles cache of GRC it opens most of the page and then stops with the Message, 5 files remaining.

l have tried the following solutions but none have worked, any ideas?

Emptied History,Temp internet files, cookies and Host file in windows.

Deleted History, Temp internet files and cookies in DOS

Checked internet connection settings


IE - 5.5

RAM - 64MB

Dialup connection

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Could it be you dialup connection? Maybe something with your ISP. I use to have the same problem with my ISP and it turn out to be something on there end and never once it was corrected I never had the problem again.

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What ISP are you using? Ntl have been messing me around for a few days now...

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well, your not missing anything usfull at grc:roll:

if you need quality info look elsewhere.

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