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dun stack what? internet no work



I really need help, I installed imesh (oops) and then the imesh hack available at www.cleanclients.tk and forgot to follow the instuctions. It says that you must uninstall new.net that imesh installs first before installing the hack but I forgot that bit and now my computer can't connect to the internet. The page says that if you don't uninstall neew.net before installing the hack then it messes up your DUN stack. but I don't know what that is?? and I don't know how to fix it :ermm: . Can somebody pleeeeaaase help me?? I already tried goback, but it didn't occur to me that that was why the internet wouldn't work until after it was too late. Help me please.

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either reinstall DUN or reinstall imess w/ all it's crap and then it properly :)

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