Winslow's Injury will lose him serious $$$$

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Kellen Winslow Jr.'s broken leg could cost him a $5.3675 million one-time roster bonus.

Under terms of his six-year, $40 million contract with the Browns, Winslow gambled he would achieve one of 10 supposed easily achievable performance incentives. Those standards ranged from having 41 catches or 801 yards receiving or the simplest standard -- playing time.

All Winslow had to do was participate in 35 percent of the Browns' offensive plays and he qualified for two sets of bonuses that would have given him $5.3675 million in 2005.

Winslow is scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday to repair a broken right fibula and is expected to miss eight to 10 weeks. Should the surgery go well and he makes it back on time, it still will be difficult for him to get the 35 percent playing time bonus because of the injury.

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I seriously don't think he cares about the money. He comes from a rich family, so money wasn't really a big issue, though I don't know why he had contract disputes with the Browns. I guess he's just a greedy soldier.

What's really funny, is that after over 5 million taken away from that 40 million....he looks pretty silly whining like a baby that he didn't get his money....for not even playing a single down in the nfl.

I would love to see a rookie cap....a real rookie cap. every contract is 3 years, and based on your draft round, it's a set have to prove your worth on the field.

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