Music Filename/ID3 Tag conventions;


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For filenames, I use the following:

Artist - Album - 01. Track Name

For organization, I use:

Music folder > Genre folders > Band folder

However, ever since getting my mp3 player, I've noticed that the method of naming songs 01. Song Name works really well for it. As long as I have the rest of the information in the ID tags, then it works good.

I'm thinking of re-ripping my collection using the track number. Song Name method, then keeping all albums in an additional subfolder.

The genres included on my computer and examples of bands I place in each genre:

Alternative Rock - Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, System Of A Down

Ambient - The Ambient Nights collection

Black Metal - Judas Iscariot, Immortal, In Battle

Classical - Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi etc...mostly just well-knowns

Classic rock - Cream, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, The Yardbirds

Death Metal - Necrophagist, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Macabre, Death

Doom Metal - Candlemass, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine

Electronica - Squarepusher, Massive Attack

Folk - Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel

Indie Rock - Franz Ferdinand, Stone Roses, Godspeed you Black Emperor

Industrial - Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, KMFDM

Melodic Death Metal - Amon Amarth, Crystal Age, Arch Enemy, Sentenced

New Age - Enya, Yanni

Power Metal - Bling Guardian, Rhapsody, Helloween

Progressive (Both rock and metal) - King Crimson, Rush, Dream Theater, Spiral Architect, Opeth

Thrash (Also put speed metal here) - Sodom, Megadeth, Dark Angel, Anacrusis

Traditional Metal - Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest

Unsorted Music - Any band I haven't put into a genre folder or haven't decided where to put them

Voice Recordings - Voice and misc. recordings from my iRiver

I'm most elaborative about metal because it's the genre I've explored the most so far. Also, the subgenres of metal contrast widely.....some Doom Metal bands will simply have feedback and play a handful of notes repeatedly for 20 minutes, with no vocals or drums (The band Sun O))) ), while some Thrash will be breakneck speed and evil sounding (Dark Angel)), then take the progressive styled Dream Theater, who focus more on technical musicianship and feature more operatic singing as opossed to growls.

Keeps me organized pretty well. Only thing that I don't like about my system is I tend to not explore the unsorted music folder much by habit and forget about a lot of cool bands that way. Forgot about Buckethead for half a year that way. =/

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Mine is pretty organized

Folders: Music/Album/01 Song.mp3 or Music/Album/01 Artist - Song.mp3

For info is Artist - Song

For featured artist I have both these but haven't decided which is more professional I read the first one is.

Artist - Song (Ft Featured Artist) or Artist Ft Featured Artist - Song

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I use Music Match 7.5 and have it setup with paths and then the file name:

\My Music\Artist Name\Album Name\01 - Song.mp3

\My Music\Artist Name\Album Name\02 - Song.mp3

\My Music\Artist Name\Album Name\03 - Song.mp3

\My Music\Artist Name\Album Name\04 - Song.mp3

Etc. Works great. (Y)

The internal tag info matches the file tag info and MMJB handles super tagging very easily.

Something similar.

\My Music\Albums\Artist Name\Album Name\(scene name)

I let the scene tag for me.


For featured artist I have both these but haven't decided which is more professional I read the first one is.

Artist - Song (Ft Featured Artist) or Artist Ft Featured Artist - Song

I also have problems with this :p

I decided that Artist - Song (feat. Featured Artist) is the best way as Artist should only be reserved for the album's artist.

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