October Desktops


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here is my last for October


Click the image


Visual Style: gfxOasis by KoL

Wallpaper: Waves by slax [Me :)]

Launchtab: Skin - gfxOasis

Rainmeter - Rewind Smooth Analog Clock


- Weatherbar

- Drive Info

- iTunes Wiget

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here's mine........ last desktop of the month.........

In India, the biggest festival Diwali is coming... people decorating their house & office...

Me decorated my desktop... take a loooooooooookkkkkkkk.........


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El_Hot, I'm liking yours as well. Good taste in music and a knack for minimal style. I'd ditch the windows flag start button and get somehting more along the rest of your theme though if I were you. Nice desk.

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