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My Home, and Upgrading


reve199    0

Hey, im very new to this so bare with me.

at my home, i have broadband adsl wireless with bigpond, and four computers hooked up with wireless connection to the internet. i am wanting to upgrade because the connection around my house is very poor, and i also want to configure my system so that all computers can share files with one another, this is the equipment i am currently using:

1 * Thompson Speedtouch 570 Wireless Modem Router

3 * Netgear Wireless USB Adaptors Model MA111

1 * Netgear Wireless USB Adaptor Model MA101

2 * ADSL Filter Splitters

I want to be able to set the system up so i can share files with all computers in my house, and all computers are using broadband.

Thanks in advance.

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Redleg3    0


Good site, follow the guides or use the Q&A, it's not a big deal to get it all set up, just that use twisted pair cable, haven't used wireless

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