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Well I found geocities got hacked by my crappy system

I found it at 2310 (GMT +8) from HK

I dunno who did that, why did that and when did that

What I know is, it looks awful.

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Hello ?????????????????

:ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder:

Are you using a translator? Your words are out of there but they don't mean much , please explain.

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LOL. I've seen things like this on a warez forum... people say complete jibberish [like "I am new to this forum"] and get 30 replies back with email addresses asking for the program. LMAO. Perhaps if computerchan explained exactly what happened in DETAIL then we might be able to understand. It is unlikely [though not impossible] that your 'computer' hacked the Geocities website... unless you knowingly did it which would mean you wouldn't have posted here [or would you?].

I give up.

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