What kind of car do you have?


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Here's a picture of the Galleymobile that I took from 300 feet away with my 12 optical zoom Panasonic Lumix FZ-20.

The current Galleymobile is a 2000 Dodge Stratus ES with 2.5L V-6, full power, leather interior and the Auto-Stick. :cool:


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Legion, that is one sick Civic.

How much was the Turbo all in, including ECU, intercooler, G/B and fitting.

I drive a nice looking '92 VW Polo but its quite slow.

I'll post a pic soon.


Its a 96 prelude si; JDM h22a2; Greddy SS Header; Kuhmo Supra Ecsta 712; skunk2 exhaust; hks turbo and intake

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EDIT: Legion, did you buy the intercooler first and then build the rest of the car around it? :blink:  :laugh:


No? :huh:

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2000 GMC Jimmy, 4WD, 4Dr. with Bluetooth GPS for my Dell x30, Bose speakers subwoofer and composite jack for my iRiver 20 GB player.

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I love bragging threads :)

The keychain of wonders


'01 BMW X5 - best deal I ever got. Fully loaded (sans lumbar).


'03 Porsche Carrera - will soon be replaced by something Italian. I hope.

Girlfriend owns:

1994 Acura NSX - automatic. A joy to drive and maintain.

Girlfriend leases:

'04 Honda Pilot - extremely

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