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Steven P.

I have taken time out to follow these forums and the posts that complain about staff, members, useless posts and a whole load of other stuff I cant think of right now. I want to make my position clear on a few points.

Neowin has tolerated spam long enough, people who violate the rule by unacceptable sigs and posts will be warned or the appropriate action will be taken.

Neowin finds it unacceptable that members start threads that "bash" other members or staff and the action they take. These threads will be deleted. Use the PM function, don't make your problem with another member or staff public -its not right.

Neowin is aware of members from other site(s) that participate immediately in flame threads. They do this to prove a point that Neowin has become a place for flaming. You are not going un-noticed. The same members ALWAYS participate in these threads. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see this happening. We have been tolerant, enough is enough.

Neowin sees on average 1600 posts a day on these forums, there is a chance that "useless posts" will get through. When people reply to "useless posts" they make them useful and active therefore eliminating the complaint if you take part. Make a statement by ignoring such posts.

Neowin is not responsible for the actions of members off-site, please do not make it our responsibility. Moderating here is enough work in itself.

Neowin is made aware of members that steal other peoples work, we are not blind to it either because it happens to us personally all the time. Report members who do this (by using the Report this post" feature) and the appropriate action WILL be taken.

Neowin also recognises that moderators can only do so much, there are times that Neowin is not moderated 24/7. Members can help keep Neowin clean and a better place to be by reporting posts that moderators fail to see. Use the PM function. Use the "Report this post to a moderator" do your bit if you appreciate Neowin.

Neowin will not seperate the forum community further by adding forums of language other than English

So thats just the points that had me occupied this morning, its no secret that the bad always seems to stand out alot more when people get together and make noises. The forums are generally a good place to be. I have learned alot just by reading some of the threads here. The "feel" that Neowin is turning into a place of flaming and useless posts is bloated by members who say they have left Neowin but are infact active here everyday. Some statement THEY are making..

Another point I want to make is about members who are banned. Unknown to you there are people banned from Neowin that try daily to get back on. More than often they succeed under a different name. It's just a matter of time before they are caught showing their "true-colors" this does not make our job easy or improve the quality of the forums at all.

Moderation on Neowin and our job as Admin is not easy. I would like to ask of everyone that is registered and is reading this to help the site you participate in if you care at all about it.

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