[review] Creative Nomand MuVO MP3 Player

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Creative Nomand MuVO MP3 Player

Retail Price (varying from how much space you get): 50.00-80.00


The facts

This is a small light MP3 player that comes in 2 storage capacities. 64 & 128MB of storage. It doubles as USB Drive and MP3 player. I got this to see if I would use it and if I was then I would get the iPod. Well I did use it and I plan on getting an iPod in the next 2 months. :)

The Size

The player is about 1/2 as long as a ball point pen and not much more thicker than one either. :) Without the battery, it weighs in less than an ounce. This is definately one small MP3 player and is great for someone who likes small stuff.

The Design

The player comes in 2 parts. The thing you stick in the computer and the battery unit the thing goes into. The player takes 1 AAA batttery. There is no lcd screen on this player but you don't really need it for something so small in storage. There are 3 buttons on the front. (<< >> & play/pause/power) There are 3 buttons on the side of the player (Volume up, Volume Down and repeat). There is also a power light. On the end of the player is a headphone jack. The battery unit consists of a loop hole to put the player around your neck and elsewhere.

The quality of music

The quality is fairly good. It plays wav/wma/mp3 formats. There are times when the music gets scratchy but it goes away. There could also be more bass too. The headphones that it comes with do not sound that good so I reccomend that you use a good pair of headphones.

Ease Of Use

This is ultra easy to use. The one good thing is I can button feel so I know where each button is without getting the player out. It is great for changing songs quickly. To power the device on just hold the play button down till it goes green and hold it down again to turn it off.

The software

You get drivers with the player but I reccomend you get them from Creatives site instead. :) They are more updated ones. To transfer files to the player you use Windows Explorer. Easy drag and drop. When files are being uploaded to the player, the light flashes on and off. I should mention that you do plug the thing into a USB port. Its USB 1.1 NOT 2.0. The player will show as a removable drive in My Computer.

It also comes with a media player which is alot better than the media player they ship with there sound cards (Play Center). The quality of the player as awsome.

Whos this for?

This is for someone who thinks lighter and smaller is better and has a small music collection. Plus it is fairly cheap. :)

Rating: 8



Decient Audio Quality




Bad Headphones

Scratchy audio quality sometimes

Very small capacity

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Isn't this thing a little old?

I can think of 3 people I know that were born after this hit store shelves.

Nice Review though. Maybe do one of something new?

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Who said reviews had to be of new stuff? I think it's helpful...

I had one of these, it was kinda nice...

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