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'network bridge' help?



Hello everyone,

I need help here, its very important. I need to use my Windows XP SP2 laptop as a 'network bridge' (I think thats the correct term). Baically I have computer (A) that needs internet access. I have my laptop which has wireless and ethernet. I want to connect computer A to my laptop via ethernet, then allow it access to the internet by the wireless used on my laptop. Basically, like this:

A<--ethernet-->laptop<--wireless--> [internet]

But when I 'bridge' the connections the internet doesn't work at all on the laptop.. I have no idea why. DHCP is used all throughout my network, and I can't set the DHCP connections for computer A, so thats stuck on DHCP. The DHCP server is in the [internet] part of the diagram.



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Internet connection sharing is a component of XP, and should solve your problems. Use the MS wizard to setup, its pretty straightforward.

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