[NFL] Carucci's MVP candidate

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Just a preview of the entire article:

Calling Ben Roethlisberger the NFL's best rookie has become trivial.

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Best rookie? He achieved that status weeks ago.

Roethlisberger has ascended to an entirely different level. After deftly guiding the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 27-3 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, he must be viewed as a legitimate candidate for league MVP.

Go ahead. Try and make a stronger case for another player, or specifically, for another quarterback. There are other good ones putting up spectacular numbers, but when you factor in results with performance, Roethlisberger must be on anyone's short list.

I think we can assume, safely, that indeed Roethlisberger has... "something else", he is playing a a pro level, he is going to have, easily, the best rookie season ever for a QB, now my question is, how many times a rookie of the year has been nominated to be the mvp?

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we will find out who the mvp is when the season is over.


Dah! Of course, this article gets its merit not because the prediction, but because the prediction object its a rookie, how many times we have the oportunity to see that?

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Think of all the teams that passed on him. I don't think he will be the MVP this season. I think Manning has that lock up. Roethlisberger will be the MVP for many seasons, just not this one.

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