Scientist: Man in Americas earlier than thought

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Archaeologists put humans in North America 50,000 years ago

By Marsha Walton and Michael Coren


Wednesday, November 17, 2004 Posted: 5:09 PM EST (2209 GMT)

(CNN) -- Archaeologists say a site in South Carolina may rewrite the history of how the Americas were settled by pushing back the date of human settlement thousands of years.


Interesting. More material for religious schools to deny. :yes:

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nah, it's rather easily explained by the presence of ET's. They grabbed humans outta their holes in the ground in the middle of the night, studied them, didn't quite know where to put them back, really didn't care where either, and placed them in Eastern America.

That little group of people died off, and the land bridge crossers came forth after few thousand years. I was there, I know. ;)

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