Who'd win in a bar fight ?



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  1. 1. Who'd win in a bar fight ?

    • Neobond aka Mortal Kombat
    • Kheldar aka Street Fighter
    • Voodoo aka Final Fight esque

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i originally pld Street Fighter myself..

but since Alpha there hasn't really been anythin about it that excited me....

and Street Fighter EX - uggggghhhhhhhhh!

Tekken is good because when characters are based on styles their moves are v realistic (except for power moves obviously)

for example, Hwoarang is motion captured from the Japanese ITF TaeKwonDo champion, and is even named after a red-belt ITF pattern (which is the one he does in the intro).. and the alternate victory animations come from real patterns too...

i still do love Street Fighter but tbh i dont play it much anymore...

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