Upgraded eMachine 533i - Great Buy!


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The Voodoo 4 is a very bad idea
Nod on that - Does the buyer also get the certificates for those Microsoft products?

Anyway, it would be cool if we could setup a forum section for trades and the selling of personal computing equipment - but, the section list IS getting pretty large.

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My brother-in-law has an eMachines eTower 700 celeron running Windows ME with 64MB RAM, 56-speed CD/DVD-ROM, on-board graphics (intel 810) and sound etc. However, I recently had cause to look inside the thing...

o only 3 PCI slots

o 2 RAM slots (1 populated)

o no AGP port (means graphics can't be upgraded :( )

Not only that, it appears to run SLOWER than my old PII 300 running Windows 2000... not benchmarked, just the 'response' of the whole thing!

But don't let that put you off... :p

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