Strawberry Makes it onto HOF Ballot

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Ok, I'm not much into baseball anymore. I use to watch it years ago, but I thought he was good. Did he do something wrong? Sorry if it seems like a dumb question. I probably just forgotten.

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Read the article, it outlines his off field drug problems that rival Steve Howe.

Basically over the span of his career his numbers don't even compare to the most base HOFer. He's basically on the ballot due to His incredible talent, not what he actually did.

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Ok, my fault, I assumed the article wouldn't have that stuff in it. sorry bout that. but to anyone else that reads this thread here is part of what the article says.

-- Arrests on allegations of wife beating;

-- A guilty plea on a federal tax evasion charge;

-- Three suspensions from baseball for cocaine-related problems;

-- Arrests for allegedly failing to make child support payments;

-- A no-contest plea on charges of cocaine possession and soliciting a prostitute;

-- A year's probation for causing a traffic accident while under the influence of painkillers;

-- An arrest for leaving a drug treatment center;

-- An arrest for violating probation;

-- Another arrest for breaking rules at a drug treatment center.

Thanks BOOG.. sorry I assumed before I read. :blush:

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I read this article before it was posted here, but... doesn't it seem a little biased to anyone? It's like the author of it had a huge grudge against him, so much so it made it very unprofessional.

But I do agree, it's a joke, and he brought nothing but shame to the game of baseball. There was a time when players were roll models for kids.... oh well...

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