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Ok I'm bored ....... I'm very bored ........ I'm very very very bored! What about ST, what about all those game ISO's u dl Kheldar? You may ask ... well let me tell you.

THE OWNERS OF PLANATARION DECIDED TO START CHARGING so I was unable to play this year :/ This is really not on.

Question is, what is the alternative? Mechwars is nasty nasty nasy and any other games tend to be very simplistic once you have played Planetarion.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Unfortunately, no. (Unless you wanna go through XP's 'online' card games!).

But your post reminded me that a few GREAT online games that were free seem to have disappeared completely:

Get The Picture (a picture-caption writing game - can get fantastically rude!)

Acrophobia (as above but with acronyms)

What's the Big Idea (kinda trivia game)

They were all made by Berserk (I think they did the 'You don't know Jack' games) and originally ran off the W.O.N. (World Opponent Network) site at

A little while back Flipside bought all their stuff and it turned into crappy casino rubbish.

Does anyone have a clue what happened to those games? They're awesomely good fun. All featured a chat-system and they were client based which allowed them to have really decent graphics and audio (and speech).

I miss 'em..

These days I have to settle for ISketch

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omg... i used to love those games.... there was even a point where my brothers were obsessed with get the picture... god it was hell when i networked their computers together to share the internet....

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