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My first for December.

VS: Windows Classic w/ 3DCC (LClock startbutton ~HmmXP)

Wall: InjectedMax by ? (mod by me inspired by kidrockys mod (in August desktop thread), tried to google the original but to no avail so here it is.)

Icons & Pngs: MurderMystery by Necopia, Longhorn & default XP.

Progs: AveDesk (w/ MurderMystery icons as pngs), Samurize, Rainlendar (Manyk's Iconic), MirandaIM (w/ TweakUI-plugin & Qute icons), LClock

the wall is by jobe69701 from dA :)

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Here's mine for december.. :D


Click for big..

Theme : Inspirationale Royal by deepfriedmario (I think)

Dock : ObjectDock

Icons : iCandy by Fooood

Wall : Blue nature by Bezax (Just a tad modded by me)

Samurize : A config (modded by me) found here on Neowin

Lclock: don't know if either I or someone else did the .ini file :happy:

Rainlander Skin: R-Calender

and Avedesk

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very nice, Coffeee™


- milk 2.0

- leaf wall by phatape

- miranda with construct icons

- spirit

- snow.e2

stupid miranda crashes when i try to change the weather icons. default icons and no changing make ivan something something.

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