Neowin's Official 2004-2005 NBA Thread

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There is a sad state to the NBA nowadays....This thread has been open for a month and a half, and it hasn't even reached two pages yet.

What is the problem with the NBA these days? Perhaps we should discuss that.

Is it due to the fact that there aren't really any 'friendly' NBA stars? Like a Michael Jordan or a Magic Johnson? is the perception that the NBA is full of thugs hurt?


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Very well put, and my sentiments exactly.

Course, as a Bulls fan, I didn't mind the 90's. hehe

But this day and age, the NBA is full of thugs, not saying they all are, but a good majority of them are. College hoops is pure...people play that game to win. That's the kind of basketball I enjoy.

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No.  In fact, it has helped -- Moses Malone, LeBron James, T-Mac, Garnett.  Class acts.

The only real thorn has been Kobe.


Good point, but rattle off the others that have made the jump and failed miserably.

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