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Guidelines for avatars and signatures:

The maximum overall size for signatures is 170px (high) by 550px (wide). This includes text, images, and other signature elements.

File sizes should be no larger than 20 KB and 75 KB. This applies to avatars and signatures, respectively. For signatures, this applies to the combined file sizes of multiple images. Note, smaller file sizes are preferred so please be mindful of our members with slower Internet connections.

Below is an example of a signature with the maximum size dimensions:


Signatures/Avatars will be removed if they...

  • Exceed the file size and maximum overall size limits.
  • Contain graphic material of a pornographic or macabre nature.
  • Contain swearing, offensive images, or non-English text.
  • Are overly-distracting (e.g. brightly coloured images, animated GIFs, etc).
  • Emulate staff or special member signatures (Moderators, MVCs, Subscribers, etc).
  • Contain advertisements of any sort or links to sites that contain objectionable material. This includes warez, cracks, security circumvention, pyramid schemes, referral IDs, petition requests, and donation requests.
  • Contain links of a malicious nature (e.g. links that crash your browser, trigger pop-up floods, etc).
  • Contain negative politically motivated messages in text or image form that are considered "over-the-top." This is determined by an admin or supervisor. Refer to post #3 below.

To avoid any confusion, these guidelines are intended to supplement the Community Rules.

Can't find a place to host your signature image? Here's a couple of hosting sites:

As always, we rely on you to spot anything that's inappropriate. The staff here isn't omnipresent so we can't see and deal with everything. Let us know via PM or the Report system, preferably the latter.

Neowin Administration and Staff

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In case the above is not clear enough. Remember this clarification:

Please remember that the 170x550 limit includes images and text TOGETHER.

For an example... you can't have a 170x550 image and then include more images/text after that. However you can have more than one image as long as they don't pass the maximum size of 170x550.

Also, you can not include a 170x550 image and also include another image after that.

The total maximum size for a sig (images and text combined) is 170x550

- shockz

Please respect our 56k modem users:

The maximum file size for an avatar is 20KB.

The maximum file size for a signature is 75KB.

When you upload your avatar you will be reminded of the 20KB file size limit. It will also remind you that the maximum avatar size is 200 pixels by 200 pixels.

Members who choose to not follow these guidelines may have their avatars or signature removed without notice.

Repeat offenders may find themselves locked out of their own control panel.

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changed avatar size to 200x200
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As of today, the file size limit for a signature will increase from 50kb to 75kb. If you have multiple images in your signature then the combined file size of all images must be less than 75kb.

The physical dimensions (550 pixels by 170 pixels) and other stipulations will remain unchanged. If you have multiple images then the total space used by the entire signature should not go beyond the space that would be used by a single 550x170 pixel image.

Some leeway will continue to be given for the width used by wrapable plain text signatures as long as it doesn't take too much vertical space when viewed at 1024x768. The length should not be more than the space used by a 170 pixel high image.

Avatars are unaffected by this change.

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