[NCAA] Assistant to ND's President shaves her head

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The assistant to ND's President shaved her head until ND wins the National Championship. :blink:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The assistant to Notre Dame's president shaved her head to protest Tyrone Willingham's firing as football coach, saying she will remain bald until the Irish win a national championship.

"Because when we do, that will be justification for some people of why we fired Tyrone Willingham," Chandra Johnson said. "Not for me, but for some people."

Johnson, 50, assistant to the Rev. Edward A. Malloy, Notre Dame's president, said she shaved her head last Saturday. Johnson, the school's highest-profile black administrator, told the South Bend Tribune she was shocked at the firing of Willingham _ the first black head coach in any sport at Notre Dame.

Source: ESPN

That's very sad. :no:

Also, the President isn't happy about the firing of Willingham...

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I think it's becoming more apparent that the firing of Ty Willingham was NOT a majority decision, nor was it a mutual one between the Atheletic Department and the Administration.

The one school that appeared to be bullet-proof of modern scandals, muck ups, and concerned with only the bottom line has fallen to the wayside.

Damn shame, too. College football without a successful Notre Dame football program is just not the same...I don't care who you cheer for.

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