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Is it possible to set "cascade windows" size?

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werwolf    0


The topic title pretty much says it all, obviously the size is proportional to your resoluction. But is this size hardcoded into windows? or is there some registry key that i can edit?

hopefully the latter. thanks

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Shaidar    0

I searched years and years for this, and I haven't found anything yet ... I'm not a specialist, maybe someone with more knowledge of Windows will find what we're looking for ... but untill now, I believe that it is impossible to change that size ...

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NeoNitwit    0

I just wanted to vent my frustration with this as well.

it surprises me that a google search turns up almost nothing, since it indicates very few people are annoyed by this. The automatic cascade feature is nice, but it results in windows that are hideously OVER-SIZED!!!

In a perfect world, I would like to be able to...

1) Set a default size for windows arranged with the automatic cascade feature

2) After selecting multiple windows, move and resize all of the windows as a group (possibly via a 'right-click' context menu feature, "resize to...")

Alas, it appears very few people in the world share my level of OCD and there is no easy-fix for these problems.

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