[MLB] Pedro signs with the Mets

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Associated Press

NEW YORK -- After helping the Boston Red Sox win their first title in 86 years, Pedro Martinez will try to lead the New York Mets to their first championship since 1986.

Martinez was introduced at Shea Stadium on Thursday, a day after he passed his physical and the Mets finalized his $53 million, four-year contract.

"It was more of a commitment from this team than it was money, actually,'' Martinez said. "I gave Boston every opportunity to actually get me.''

Martinez turned down a $40.5 million, three-year offer from the Red Sox and told his agent Monday to work out a deal with New York.

Source: ESPN

Well, the RedSox got rid of another pitcher, first it was Clemens and now Martinez. Let's hope this doesn't come back and bite them in the ass.

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dyam... boston is losing there good pitchers...


No, we aren't.

The view up here is that Pedro's on the downside of his career, after his "nothing but fastballs" second outing in the WS. The Sox brass are worried that Pedro doesn't have the work ethic to stay in shape like Schilling does, and they can't rotate him in when they need him, like Lowe, Wakefield, etc.

Keep in mind that the Yanks passed on him too. That says volumes.

Wells will be a good stopgap, and expect one or two more pitchers to come on board. They are going to spend that $40 million, then reposition for some of the younger talent that have contracts expiring over the next two years.

Pedro? Good riddance.

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