Ordered a 42" Plasma Screen :D

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Do you suggest I should believe you instead of the manufacturer of my TV ? Hum... let's see........ A guy from neowin forums who don't even have the actual tv... or a sucessful Japanese company, in business for more than 85 years, that actually engineered the said tv... Difficult choice I must say...

About the low resolution: I chose an EDTV myself because I mostly play Xbox and watch DVD & TV (non-HDTV). A higher resolution wouldn't have helped for those. Higher resolution would be much pricier, and give me nothing...

All depends on what it's used for.


Anybody can lie

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Installing TV now... Should post pics in a few.

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ok lets filter out the rubbish.

Firstly yep plasma res is poor. If you were a heavy user of your plasma TV your set will only show it's best picture for around 3 years. Then you could get it regassed although it is expensive but as the owner you would have to weight it against a new set.

Second, if you want the best HDTV has to offer then a projector and an expensive one at that from someone like infocus the 7205 is your best bet followed by standard CRT sets. Sony and some others are producing black screens which offer projecotr users great pictures in lit areas, really something to look out for.

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wow this is amazing dude, congrats :drool: (Y)

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damn, dont you still owe me b33r? :p

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