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Microsoft Cancels Itanium Version of Windows XP

Neowin ( reports that Microsoft is canceling

its plans for the Itanium version of XP (the last time I spoke with

Microsoft about this product, the company was still planning to

release a service pack for the existing version). "Because Windows on

x64 systems delivers excellent flexibility and choice, while also

enabling a smooth migration from 32-bit to 64-bit applications,

Microsoft believes Windows for Itanium-based systems is a stronger

offering in the high-end server market. As such, Microsoft has made

the decision to focus its investments in research and development on

its x64 (64-bit extended) architecture and discontinue further

investments in the Itanium architecture for workstations," the

software giant told Neowin. I'm sure that the six guys running the

Itanium version of XP are going to be really upset about this.

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