Got my Japanese slimline PS2 today!

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This thing is so cool! It's even smaller than I imagined it'd be! I'm so glad I bought it; now I can play Beatmania to my heart's content. Only thing is, being in a dorm room, I've got limited space, so right now I've got my new PS2 stacked on top of my old PS2 stacked on top of my Xbox with the Gamecube sitting on the refridgerator.

Since I can play Japanese PS2 games now, anybody have any good suggestions on some import-only titles that would be good? I'm already planning on importing Devil May Cry 3 when it comes out in a month or so, but how about some older titles? Language-heavy games probably wouldn't be the best since my kanji-reading is crap, so no RPGs, I'd say, but I can handle some light to medium text.


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i second this

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fork out mad cash..

buy a IIDX ASC controller, and 4-9th style

never leave the house again. ^-^

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