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CraigMack    0

Hey guys, Im 'in charge' of backing up old home videos and putting them on DVD format. Wondering if this PCI card : Card Kworld

Would be a good idea to get the home video on PC for burning....also whats a good DVD Authoring Program??? Thanks guys, Cheers to new subforum

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Jonny_C    0

All Products> Video Device & Add On > KWORLD COMPUTER CO.,LTD > N82E16815100120

KWORLD DVD Maker Card, Model "Xpert DVD MAKER PCI (VS-L883d)" -RETAIL

Model# VS-L883D

Item # N82E16815100120


Video/Audio Decoder: Conexant

TV Tuner: N/A

Interface: PCI

Ports In: Composite Video In

Ports Out: 3.5mm Audio Output to Sound Card Line-In


Supported OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Features: Burn the Video to DVD/VCD/SVCD NTSC: 720x480 @ 30 F, PowerProducer 2 Gold PS Capture Video as MPEG 4/2/1


All Products> Video Device & Add On > AVerMedia > N82E16814100009

AVerMedia PCI 1394 Video Capture Edit Card, Model "AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 1394 PCI(OFWEZMPCI)" -RETAIL


Item # N82E16814100009


Interface: PCI

Ports: 4x 1394(3 External+1 Internal)

Supported OS: Windows XP/2000/98SE/Me

Features: Direct to Disc Recording, Real-Time Recording, Re-Edit Recorded DVDs, CAPTURE, CREATE&EDIT, AUTHOR&RECORD, Including 1394 FireWire Cable(6 to 4 pin, 6ft) and Driver CD

Retail Box (See pics for details)


All Products> Video Device & Add On > AVerMedia > N82E16814100012

AVerMedia PCI Video Capture Card, Model "EZMaker Pro PCI" -RETAIL


Item # N82E16814100012


Interface: PCI

Ports: S-Video, Composite Video, RCA Audio (R/L)

Encoder: MPEG2 Encoder

Modes: Capture Video From your Analog Camcorder, or VCR/VHS onto a CD, DVD, or PC

Accessories: RCA-to-Phono Jack, Driver CD

Supported OS: Windows XP/2000

Features: CAPTURE, EDIT, AUTHOR&RECORD, Re-Edit Recorded DVDs, Real-Time Recording

Retail Box (See pics for details)


All Products> Video Device & Add On > CTX INTERNATIONAL > N82E16814144701

CTX DVD Studio Xtra, Model "MD01" -RETAIL

Model# MD01

Item # N82E16814144701


Ports In: S-Video + Composite In + Audio Input

Ports Out: Audio

Video Format: MPEG 4/2/1, JPG, BMP

Video Display: 30 fps@ 720x480 (NTSC), 25 fps@ 720x576 (PAL)

Interface: PCI

Supported OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Retail Box (See pics for details)

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Jonny_C    0

adobe premiere,but you need a good vcr too.

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