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Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1986 model :p Only bought it for its 4WD ;)


My second car was a Mazda 626 2.2i (with a ford probe turbo), 194hpb. ;)

Looked just like the right one, except for the extra headlights (had 2 extra in the radiator grill) and the roof rails.

And all black details were spray painted in the same color as the car.


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First car i ever drive was a Gaz 51 :p I was so little, i only reached pedals to my toes :)


But thats for a car..first machine i drived was that S.T.A.L.K.E.R style T-40


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1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL Coupe


Low miles (it had around 28k when we got it)

V6 Engine which went pretty fast for a new driver

Leather Seats

Cheap (my parents paid about $2800)


Too big, not easy to park

An accident magnet (we couldn't go a year in that car without someone it getting into some kind of accident, never our fault) We sold it to the insurance company when our neighbor backed into it, smashing the whole driver side door in to the point where it needed to be towed.

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while i have my permit im driving a 2008 subaru forester. though once i get my license, i am pretty sure i will be getting a 2002 or 2003 subaru wrx wagon. so that will be technically my first car.

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My first car ever was a 1979 Dodge Celeste hatchback :p

Pros: 4 cylinder engine a great fuel saver

small size but spacious

Cons: was very rusty and had no A/C

Mods done: had new upholstery and a wicked sound system.

Current status: In a junkyard since 1997

Now I drive a 2004 Dodge Ram Crew Cab with Turbo Diesel engine fully equipped.

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My first car

1972 Chevelle SS


fast, fun, project car (which is why I liked it), made me appreciate money and hard work, I was working 35 hours a week on top of highschool to pay for everything I did to the car


I would say gas milleage, but it never crossed my mind, it was worth it to drive that car.

poor driveability in the rain/snow, which was a problem being it was my daily driver, i got caught at work/school in 5 inches of snow. 350rwhp + snow + rwd is no picnic.

mods and fixes history

new bumpers, $530

interior kit, $670

new exhaust mufflers back, $450

pulled engine, headers intake, edelbrock carb, performer rpm cam/lifters/valvesprings, around $1000

**** kit for the th350 auto, $80

2 years later, trick flow heads, comp cams 268 cam, speed demon carb, hei conversion, $2000+


Swapped the th350 for a Muncie m20 4-spd manual, including all parts, $1400

6 lobes on my cam went flat, replaced it with a Voodoo 276, replaced the exhaust from headers to the mufflers with a 2.5 x-pipe setup from Pypes, with integrated cutouts. new bellhousing to replace the used one I had initially used on the swap. about $600 there.

Various other little things, replacement parts etc. All of this had been done on a $7-$9/hour over a period of 4 or so years.

Current Status

Go a new (real) job, making a lot more then before, so I'm saving up to do the suspension over, when its done it will handle better then a 4th gen camaro. Eibach springs, bilstein shocks, new spindles with tall ball joints, new steering box, sways bars, all bushings etc. Also putting a posi and 3.73's in the rear.

never gone sell it. although i just bought a 2008 vw Rabbit but don't really like it, probably gonna trade it in a year or so.

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The first car I've driven was a Ford Falcon EF (my parent's). The first car I've owned was a 1988 Mitsubishi Magna (pic below) station wagon. Served me for nearly 6 years. Was on the brick of becoming so rusted that the paint job is falling off all over the car. So I sold it to a wreckyard late last year and bought a Holden Commodore VT off my sister's family.


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My first car was a crappy pale metallic blue Fiat Strada 1.4. The previous owner had souped it up and put a turbo charger on it BUT didn't put fat tyres on it or upgrade the brakes.

So, the thing went like stink.. Seriously fast... But it steered like a drunk hippo and stopped like... Well, it stopped... eventually. :p

Damned scary car to drive... I loved it!

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1998 Chevy Lumina


Good on gas

Lots of room

EXTREMELY reliable


Did I say reliable?


Not the hottest car in town

Old Manish

The car has served me very well for a first car and I'm finally looking to retire it in the next couple months...

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The first car I ever drove was mom's 1971 Porsche 914.

but the first car I owned was a POS 1985 Ford Escort.

Traded it in for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier.

Now drive a 2005 BMW Z4.

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first car driven was my mothers 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 (biggest POS ever)

My second and first car i have bought is a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL FWD

Although when i was two i managed to total my parents station wagon back in 1990.. Does that count? (And take out the people across the streets car and most of there garage...

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