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[BETA] Msn Messenger 7.0 F.A.Q.


Sean B.

This has been posted on a few other forums, but I haven't seen it on Neowin. So I'm going to post it here to.

Thanks for all who have contributed to this F.A.Q.:

Frequently Asked Question about Msn Messenger 7

Q : Can i use deluxe display pictures (animated dp's) ?

A : No you can't use them yet . Maybe in further releases of MSN Messenger 7.

Q : Why is my Msn Messenger 7 acting weird and very slow ?

A : Maybe you PC isn't fast enough to use MSN Messenger 7 - Or you just don't have the compatible system settings.

Q : the checkbox "Allow emotions to change moods for dynamic display pics" isn't working ?

A : Thats right. This isn't available yet in this release.

Q : When will MSN Messenger 7 be released?

A : It isn't confirmed yet , but we think it will be released somewhere in February 2005

Q : I want Msn Messenger 7 in my mother tongue . How can I get it ?

A : At the moment there is only Msn Messenger 7 in english . You can use patches , but we can't guarantee they will work . Use them on your own risk.

Q : Why isn't my handwriting displaying?

A : If you don't have it installed already, install Windows Journal Viewer or Microsoft's Ink Redist.


1. Install Msn Messenger v7.0 Beta Version.

2. Navigate to: "C:\Program Files" .

3. Find the folder named "Msn Messenger".

4. Right Click on the Folder.

5. Hit "Rename".

6. Type in the dialog something random, ex: "Msn Messenger 7.0".

7. Install Msn Messenger v6.2.

Okay you've got it 1/2 done ;).


Install the Poligamy Patch for Msn Messenger v6.2, which you can download at:


Then install the Poligamy Patch for Msn Messenger 7.0 Beta, which you can get at: http://www.mess.be/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?a...download&id=578

There you go. You have can have BOTH versions of Msn Messenger, and you can now use both of them at the same time


XeroCool Way: If you have Msn Messenger 6.x pt , Go to:

1.C:\Program Files\Msn Messenger\ and rename Msn Messenger to something else like (Msn Messenger 6.2).

2.Open Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> Regedit) and find: KKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Msn Messenger.

3.Then you will see about 8 registry names. Double Click on: Installation Directory.

4. Rename C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger to the folder you renamed Msn Messenger in step 1.

5. Click Ok.

6. Now, Exit the Registry Editor.

7. Download 6.x patch: http://www.mess.be/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?a...87abc1e2de9292c

7. Go & Download Msn Messenger 7.x from the site you want & you will install it perfectly. :)


How to use handwriting:

First off you need Msn Messenger v7.0, and you need Windows XP/2000. If you don't have those, you might as weel stop reading from here on out.

First you need to download any version of Msn Messenger v7.0, there is a STICKY with download links.

Click here for the Download Link page

Next you must have Windows Journal Viewer installed on your machine.

Then you just hit the Handwriting Tab in a conversation, and draw with your mouse.

Now ya got Handwriting :D.

Not all computers can use the new Ink feature.  The feature requires Windows 2000/XP and the Microsoft? Journal Viewer to be installed on both the sending and receiving computer.  You can install the Journal Viewer free of charge at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en or by using Windows Update.

How To Use The Ink Feature>

1.      Open a conversation window with a contact

2.      Click on Handwriting tab at the bottom of the conversation window

3.      Using your mouse, draw something in the open area of the Send Message pane

4.      Change your pen color and size

5.      Erase some of your drawing

6.      Click send

7.      Verify that you contact can see what you?ve sent

8.      Try to find and enable the Grid feature



Msn Spaces/Contact CardQ/bHow do I get a Msn Spaces acount?/A/b>: Goto http://spaces.msn.com Sign in with your passport, and make you oneQ/bWhat is this little gold star in my contact list beside someone's name?/A/b>: It is a sign that your contact has updated there Msn Spaces blogQ/bI have updated my blog, but my contacts don't see the little gold star?/A/b>: You, and your contact MUST have Msn Messenger 7 installedNote: When you have clicked the star it dissapears, the star wil come back if the contact updates it or the next time you sign in to messenger/b>

___________________________________________________________________Q./b> Is there a Stuff Plug NG version for Msn Messenger 7.A./b> Yes, you can find it at: http://spaces.msn.com/members/spng/ (Note: Not all features woyet/b>Q./b> Is there a Messenger Plus! version for Msn Messenger 7.A./b> Yes, you can find it at: http://msgplus.mybboard.com/pid331874.html


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Sean B.

I did right most of it anyways ben..:p

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I wrote one or two of them, so there :p

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Sean B.

Yeah okay. I will be posting some more to this laterz

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