Wireless Surround Sound Speakers ?

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I'm interested in setting up surround sound. I know I have seen wireless wall mountable speakers before but I have searched lots and can't seem to turn up any results.

If possible the speakers would be flat panel and be able for use on DVD and PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA. :)

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You would have to have a reciever that can transmit a wireless 5.1 signal. You can get flat panel speakers and get the flat speaker cables that you can paint over.

Also, if you have a wireless 5.1 setup, each speaker needs its own power source, and I'm not sure how good the quality would be from a 250w flatpanel speaker.

You might be stuck with wired home theater setup!

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Pink Floyd

Wireless surround is $$$

and most of them are 900MHz.. I wouldnt buy if unless its 2.4Gz or maybe 5.8Ghz which I can imagine the price range...

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I would love wireless speakers too, but even wired ones are pretty expensive for a good set. :wacko:

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