Testing Your Home Theatre: Suggested Movies

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If you really want to test the clarity of the sound, music wise. You should really try "The Eagles - When hell freezes over" DVD. The sound is just awesome, the soundmixer did a really good job on that. But, when you don't like their music... end of story :)

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Video Essentials for configuration.

Fight Club is another good showpiece.

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Theres a list over at AVS I am going to borrow for the sake of this thread

Each asterisk represents a negative vote against that title. All DVDs are region 1 unless otherwise stated.

2 Fast 2 Furious

The 6th Day

21 Grams*


Adventures of Robin Hood*

Air Force One (SB)

All About the Benjamins DTS

Alien (2003 release)

Alien 3 (2003 release)

Alien Resurrection (2003 release)**


Austin Powers: Goldmember Widescreen

The Bad and the Beautiful

Band of Brothers


Black Hawk Down SB (Region 1)

Black Hawk Down SB (Region 3 (also plays in Region 1 players))


Blade 2*

The Bourne Identity**

Braham Stoker's Dracula SB*

Bring it On

Brotherhood Of The Wolf - Region 1 - Canada - 3-Disc DTS Collectors Edition

A Bugs Life 2-disc Collector's Edition*

Cape Fear (1991)

Casablanca SE*

Chicken Run

The Chronicles of Riddick (Director's Cut)


The Cooler*

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Cradle 2 the Grave

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon SB

Dances With Wolves Ext. Ed.*

Dare Devil

Death to Smoochy

Deep Blue Sea*

Desperado SB

Dinosaur: 2-disc Collector's Edition




The Fast and the Furious

The Fifth Element (Ulitimate Edition)

Final Destination II

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (single disk)

Freddy vs Jason***

From Hell

Get Carter (Region 1)

Gone With The Wind: Collector's Edition

Ghost Ship



The Haunting


House of 1000 Corpses

Hollow Man (SB)


The Hunted - Widescreen (2003)

I, Robot

Ice Age

IMAX: Super Speedway - The Mach II Special Edition

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom*

The Insider

Insomnia (2002)

Jason X**

Jurassic Park (SB) (Region 2)

Jurassic Park III (SB) (Region 2)

A Knight's Tale (SB)

Lion King

Lost In Space

LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring EE*

LOTR: The Two Towers EE*

LOTR: Return of the King: EE*

Man On Fire

Mask of Zorro (SB)

Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

Memento SE

Mission Impossible 2

Monsters Inc.*

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Mummy Returns**

North by Northwest*

Now, Voyager

The One (SB)

Pearl Harbor SE (4 disc set)

Pitch Black**


The Pledge*

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Ready to Rumble


Resident Evil (SB)

The Rock (Criterion)*

The Rundown

The Running Man: Special Edition

Saving Private Ryan


Se7en SE

Seven Years In Tibet (SB)


Singin in the Rain SE

Solaris (2003 Clooney)


Spider-Man (SB)**

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Star Ship Troopers (SB)

Star Wars: Ep II: Attack of the Clones

Star Wars: Ep IV: A New Hope*

Star Wars: Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back

Sunset Boulevard


Tears of the Sun*

Terminator 2: Extreme

Terminator III**

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003*

Thirteen Ghosts

Titan A.E. (SE)

Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life


Toy Story 1

Toy Story 2

Training Day


Undercover Brother


Underworld: DTS (Region 3)

Underworld (SB)

Vertical Limit S(B)

Winged Migration


X-Men 2**

Removed from list with three or more negative votes


Aliens ------------------------ 3 negatives ------------ lacks detail

Apollo 13 DTS ---------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE

Bad Boys II ------------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE, framing problems

Braveheart ------------------- 3 negatives ------------ white speck, noise

Die Another Day (Region 1) ---- 3 negatives ------------ EE

Fargo SE --------------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE and noisy

The Fifth Element SB ---------- 3 negatives ------------ EE/ringing

Finding Nemo ----------------- 4 negatives ------------ compression noise, macro blocking

Freddy vs Jason --------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE

Gattaca SB ------------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE

Gladiator --------------------- 3 negatives ------------ EE

The Last of the Mohicans DTS (Dir's Exp Ed) --------- 3 negatives ----- soft

Mummy ----------------------- 3 negatives ------------ noise

Once Upon a Time in Mexico --- 6 negatives ------------ Contrast, soft

Open Range ------------------ 3 negatives ------------ EE, soft, heavily filtered in the high frequencies, noisy in dark scenes

Pirates of the Caribbean ------- 5 negatives ------------ EE, compression noise

Stargate: Ultimate Ed. -------- 4 negatives ------------ EE

Unbreakable ------------------ 3 negatives ------------ EE, video noise

EE = Excessive Edge Enhancement

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LOTR Trilogy EE no doubt

Saving Private Ryan

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One I haven't seen yet.. the street fire fight in the movie Heat

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Moulin Rouge is what most of the critics use.

Personally I would also use The Phantom of the Opera when it is released on DVD. You won't find a film that challenges your sound system better.

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Independence Day :yes:

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