Comcast HD customers: KTVU feed likely to come...

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UPDATE: KTVU-HD (FOX-HD) is now live and up and running in the Bay Area!!!


Hey guys, just here to say that I've been reading a lot about the lack of a FOX-HD with Comcast service and my contacts as well as several Bay Area newspapers are reporting that we will most likely see FOX-HD before the Super Bowl. Seems that FOX can be turned on in a matter of 1-2 business days and as soon as Cox executives sign the deal this week, we will have Comcast running the Super Bowl!

Comcast Cable Spokesperson Steve Burke wrote today about the negociations:

"We are very close and I think you will be happy with the result."

Yep. Seems that Comcast customers will not have to set up an Over the Air antenna to get the Bowl after all. Just letting everybody know. Also, we Comcast customers will be able to see American Idol, 24, and all of those other shows in HD on Fox.

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It's on!

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