XPostFacto 3 goes gold


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XPostFacto allows you to tun OSX on Macs that aren't officially supported.

Version 3 has just gone gold with this message:

You'll see that I've posted version 3.0 of XPostFacto. There aren't any significant changes from version 3.0b12, aside from the new icon. But it now seems stable enough to stop calling it a "beta" -- it isn't perfect, by any means, but it's mostly doing what it should at this stage.

So now I'll turn to some post-3.0 tasks. I've got Ben Ralston's fix for the audio volume control and sound input to integrate. I've also got some new code for BootX that will allow Mac OS X 10.2 to run on 603 and 604 CPUs. I'm working on getting the CPU upgrades for the TAM etc. to work. I'd like to get the whole class of 6400 / 6500 / TAM / Starmax machines working. I'd like to get XPF running on some New World machines (like the B & W G3s) for the sake of Firewire booting.

And then, of course, there is always Tiger ...

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