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I have BeyondTV 3.5 installed on my machine. I use to like it. Now everytime I do something with my PC it screws up the whole thing.

First time I had problems was when I couldn't get it to start. The log file would say hardware failure but not where. I tried tech support and their stupid service requires direct dialog from your exact email account you're signed up on. Long story short I don't want to use that account for dialog, just receiving. They were saying to reinstall it and it never would work again.

So I eventually moved the ATI TV Wonder Pro card to another faster machine and installed 3.5 there and it worked fine until the other day. It had something to do with some sound drivers I updated and had to uninstall them and reconfigure BeyondTV for it to work.

Now all my recordings are nothing but a blue screen. Now I am tired of this software. Anyone have usefull comments on this? Recommendations.


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