Wilkens Resigns As Knicks Head Coach

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New York Knickerbockers President of Basketball Operations Isiah Thomas announced today the resignation of Head Coach Lenny Wilkens and named Assistant Coach Herb Williams the new head coach.

?There are very few people in the sports-world or in society that combine great talent with class, dignity and humility. But these qualities have been Lenny?s trademark throughout his Hall-of-Fame life and career. He agreed to come to New York last season during an extremely difficult time, and his presence played a major role in reconnecting the Knicks to the pride of this city,? Thomas said. ?On behalf of everyone in the entire Knicks organization, I want to thank Lenny for his commitment to this team and express our deep disappointment we are losing a great coach.?

Wilkens, the winningest coach in NBA history finished his Knicks career with a 40-41 mark since his hiring on Jan. 15, 2004 last season. After taking over a team with a 16-24 record during 2003-04, the 67-year-old Brooklyn, NY-native guided the Knicks to a third-place finish in the Atlantic Division and its first playoff berth in three years. Wilkens, a Naismith Hall-of-Fame inductee as both a player and coach, has an all-time coaching record of 1,332-1,1155 (.536).

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Okay, I am a Knicks fan, so this news means something to me. What it means actually, I am still undecided about.

I think Lenny would have been fired by Isiah, so I think this "resignation" was really just to have some dignity. However I am not sure if I can really blame Lenny Wilkens for all of the Knicks troubles.

Either way it looks like Herb Williams is going to be the coach for the remainder of the season.

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Meh? Wilkins always rubbed me the wrong way.? i suppose if I coached for 50 years, I could be a hall of fame coach, too.? I just never thought he was that good.


I definitely hear you. I think for us we have only seen what he has actually done later on in his career, and to put it frankly, the last 10 years or so have been nothing impressive to say the very least. I too never thought he was that good either, but as I said I dont know much about him other than what I hear about his past, and more importantly what I have seen myself, which definitely has not been impressive.

I really am not going to miss him at all. I do feel a bit sorry for him, he was thrown into a situation that was a no win one. Isiah Thomas has made it very clear that the Knicks are currently rebuilding, and at their best a .500 team, so I am not sure how much of the blame can go on the coach, when the personnel, and for that matter and fairly decent balanced team, is not there.

I am not sure how much anyone knows about the history of the Knicks, and more importantly their recent GM before Isiah came to town, but if you know even a little, all I can say is you can still blame Scott Layden for the mess the current management is trying to deal with.

As a "most of my 30 years" life long Knicks fan, my hatred for Scott Layden will never end:rofl:fl:

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