How to build a Multimedia PC in One Day

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+RNDM_STRNGR    10,633

utterly useless guide. nothing about assembly, nothing about hardware options, in fact it just a list of what components you actually used.

did i mension useless?

  I want to see all of You do a better job at making a guide, we should be patting him on the back for doing a decent job instead of cutting him down, Your all so superior aren't ya.

well its just my opinion and i'll leave all the patting him on the back to you.

as for constuctive critisism, couple of people already mensioned how to improve it.

but it'll require some research on his part.

as it is at the moment it is almost completely useless to most people.

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vincent    155

Your multmedia PC should based around the applications you are gonna be using, this determines the budget and components and what not. ;)

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Doli    566

nice to put what stuff to buy...not really but a nice thought. try bullet/number style guide not paragraphs, pic would be nice (all the things my tech writing teacher explained to me when i made big paragraphs on flash animation)......

dont sweat other people doggin your guide, seems like nobody has anything better to do but hate and put others down

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Tiger.Girl    1

What about things like creating custom resolution and timings for your display and going through different kinds of software and hardware available?

Also maybe a run through on how to set up ffdshow filters for dvd playback.

This guide is silly it demands you order the parts on this list and tells you to connect card A to slot B and install windows.

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