Pioneer DVR-720H Vs Philips 963SA

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HellasVagabond    0

Hi guys

My question is easy. I just bought the Pioneer DVR-720H and i was wondering if i should keep my 963SA along just to play DVDs.

Does the 963SA provide better picture quality due to its farudja progressive scan than the DVR-720 ?

Does anyone know for sure ?

Also is there an Region Free Hack for the DVR-720H ?

I heard a rumor in the net but so far havent been able to find it anywhere.

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Toxikk    0

wrong forum

moved to the home theatre joint.

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HellasVagabond    0

I only got an answer and that was from a moderator ???

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Hamman    0

Look for yourself. If you can't see a difference then there's no point keeping the 963.

BTW you have A LOT of RAM ;). Not every man can afford 1,5TB....

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