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WinXP Pro File Sharing..


a machine    0

I dont want to use "simple file sharing" because i dont want everyone to have access. I am trying to use WinXP Pro File Sharing

but I am having a lot of problems trying to use this method and I think it is because maybe i disabled one of the service required for this to work.

Here, we're logged on to another Windows XP computer as a user which doesn't have an account on the computer named RONS-PC.? Entering a valid user name and password grants access

I wont even get prompted for a username/password when I try to access the server machine, i'll just get an error like "no network provider accepted the given path". That error wont come up when I use "simple file sharing"; i'll get access with no problems.

Does anyone know what services have to be running on the client and server machine for the type of file sharing i need?


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MuddyMuDmaN    0

I'm not familiar with that particular error so I Googled it and came up with this Microsoft support link. I gave it a quick read and it should give you a good place to start. Hope it helps. :)

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