February Desktops Thread


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After spending some time learning Photoshop....I decided to do my own for the ending of February....

As soon as it's approved, if you like it, you can get the .png format wallpaper from ThemeXP.org...under Wallpapers, in the Horror section.


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here is Jay-Z wallpaper. original wall is by Nada i think :huh:



Man it would be awesome of the author had one of Alicia Keys. It would be divinly awesome. :p

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Wallpaper: Made from this image.

The roses are from an other image.

VS: Miranda White

Winamp: iTunes Mini Snow Beta

Icons: Made from one of the roses.


Programme: Photoshop, Theme Patcher

Whats your opinion ?



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My last setup for February:


Visual Style: HmmXP "Codename Whistler"

Wallpapers: Elisha Walls by Me

Icons: Default XP

Winamp: HmmXP by neotool

Miranda w/ IE-View plugin

Tom :)


Wow. Nice and clean (Y)

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