February Desktops Thread


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My server: (whipped these up in samurize in a few minutes... not for release)



I know you said you arent releasing it, but would you be able to point me in a direction to learn how to make something similar? I really like that, and i would love to learn how to make some fancy-assed widgets.

Thanks ;)

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Really nice Desktops everybody.


where can i get this and more of this wallpapers??

Here is my newest:

Albookthumb.jpg Albookthumb2.jpg

Albook Icons are converted to .ico Format by myself. The VS is a little bit customized by myself, too (before, after).

And my own Rainlendar Skin. Grab it from My DeviantArt

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i used to have rainlendar,samurize scripts etc but now i prefer the best perfomance for my computer so i got rid of all this..

i usually use pictures for my desktop from ssilence's account at DA.. excellent photographer..

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